Pluff game found and released + more!

A nice big update for June, which includes the full preservation of Pluff, which has been missing for many years. Also included are two home brew titles which were done back in the day by a game creator and long forgotten about.

And there is more to come soon, with another long lost title found and currently being tidied up for release. A clue is that it is World Cup related, but not football.. and it has been reviewed in a major UK magazine. Watch this space, but for now enjoy the updates!

Pluff full game found and released!


Two other homebrew efforts recovered and released

Amity Island, Robotomania

4 new entries added

Captain Future, Death Trap, It Came From The Desert, Night Walker

27 other updates added

Arcade Classics 2, Batman 3D, C64GS cartridge titles, Chuck Rock, Circus Fun!, Damocles, Darius +, Fire & Forget, Gi Hero, Heavy Barrel, Judge Death, Mach 3, Manhatten Dealers, Old Scores, Seal Cull, Search For Sharla, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Spellcast, Streethawk, The Blues Brothers, The Seven Gates Of Jambala, Unnamed helecopter game, Victory Road (UK version), Viking Child, Virus, Whirligig

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