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1994 Unknown

A quick entry for a game that didn’t exist for too long sadly. This game was a minimalistic sci-fi horror, placed inside a large spaceship. A sort of Laser Squad clone, with very fast turns. It sounds like the game … Continue reading


1994 zOnE

Another short entry for a title we hope to hear more about soon. Necropolo got in touch to say that he had worked on a game with a developer called zOnE called Geister. The game was to be a sort … Continue reading

Hard Fire

1994 CP Verlag

Hard Fire thumbnail

Also known as: Reactor 2

This game was confirmed as released under the name of Reactor II for CP Verlag/Magic Disk 64.  Thanks to Jan Schulze for the confirmation! Case closed for this entry – the full game you can download from here:  http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=6243&d=18&h=0


1994 Unknown

Jump thumbnail

Jump is a very neat looking Great Giana Sisters clone with a cool hires sprite. In this preview, there is one level and some annoying spikes to avoid – but it is enough to see the amount of promise in … Continue reading