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Alien Trilogy

1994 Acclaim

Platforms: SEGA 32X and Mega CD

Way back in 1994 the Doom-style Alien Trilogy was slated to come out across just about all platforms.

It came out on the Playstation, PC and Sega Saturn back in 1995 but proposed 32X and Sega CD versions never materalised. It’s not known if the game would have been a 32X cart game, a stripped down Sega CD game, both or a 32X CD game.

The game uses a similar if not the same engine as Doom, which did come out on the 32X so it’s likely the machine could have handled the game on a processing power level, if not on a memory level. But appalling sales of the 32X likely encouraged little demand for sustained support for the hardware from software developers. Continue reading

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Unreleased Dizzy games on the Megadrive – So close yet so far?

The Dizzy series is legendary among ZX Spectrum enthusiasts and the series were released across most home computer systems in the 1980s. Less well known are the console versions, even though numerous games were released on the NES and Master System.

Only one game in the series was released on the Megadrive, Fantastic Dizzy, but two were actually made and never released.

Dizzy The Adventurer is actually a polished version of Prince of the Yolkfolk and a thirteen minute video can be seen on Youtube showing gameplay from the unreleased Megadrive version. The Dizzy fansite, (who put the video online), were actually given the original carts of the game by the Oliver Twins but have so far been unable to make backups of the ROMs to properly archive and store the game for future use.

It’s ironic, given my previous views on it, but there is a device called the Retrode that would be ideal for them, which allows you to create backups of your own cartridges. It would cost around £60 so could be a good investment for anyone who comes across prototypes that need converting into ROMs. Sadly it looks like the people behind have already returned the ROMs after coming up blank in their own attempts at converting it to a ROM.

Case closed for now but we know a full game exists out there, it’s just a case of someone who can convert it into a ROM getting hold of a copy.

The second unreleased Dizzy game for the Megadrive is called Panic! Dizzy, and is based on the Master System game of the same name. The origins of the title can be read here and less is known about the Megadrive version than is known about Dizzy the Adventurer. As with Dizzy the Adventurer there has been a video posted to Youtube by showing some gameplay and it like Dizzy the Adventurer looks fully finished.

Panic! Dizzy seems to be in the same situation as Dizzy the Adventurer where the prototype has been found and kept, but without the means to convert it into a ROM so it can be archived safely for posterity.

It’s frustrating to think of people being so close yet so far to successfully archiving some unreleased games in such a legendary series as Dizzy but that is exactly where we are now.

Hopefully with the existence of relatively affordable technology to make backups ROMs of cartridges we might see both games released as ROMs in the not too distant future.

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Robocop and Gen 13 tech demo downloads

Back in 2012, Games That Weren’t were pleased to release two tech demos for download for the original PlayStation. The demos were from games developer Realtime Associates and were pitch submissions for contracts for Robocop and Gen 13. This piece has been updated and tidied up from its original announcement piece.

Both games didn’t win either contract, with Robocop subsequently released to poor reviews. Gen 13 ended up cancelled altogether. See below for screenshots and download links to see what might have been.


The tech demos have been discussed before, and a video of the Robocop demo exists on Unseen 64 while the PlayStation Museum discusses the Gen 13 video, but for the first time they’ve been archived and made available to download for people to see for themselves.

The Robocop file is a simple tech demo where you can control Robocop walking around a single mostly wall-less warehouse. Pillars and boxes provide some sparse decoration, and whilst its 3D – nothing is solid, allowing you to walk through the walls and objects.

It’s pretty basic but at the same time shows the skeleton of how a full game would look. While of course the game ended up being made by someone else, it would have been cool to see what Realtime could have done with it had it been accepted.

Download the Robocop demo here

Gen 13

Gen 13 is based on the comic series of the same name, and PlayStation Museum has some pretty in-depth info on the submissions made by various companies for the contract to make it. The game ended up being cancelled, but its interesting to see the variety of submissions, so head on over to check it out.

The Realtime Associates version is the most simple, but PlayStation Museum caveat this by pointing out it was done in a single week, which makes it quite impressive. Its a fully 3D rendering of the heroine of the game and you can walk her forwards and backwards from multiple camera angles.

It’s simple but shows great potential for how the character of the series would have been portrayed. Some of the other submissions also seem to realise Gen 13 as a 2D game, so personally i’d give extra marks to Realtime for bringing it to life in 3D with so much charm, albeit with only a single character.

Download the Gen 13 demo.

Thank you!

We conclude by saying a big thank you our unnamed source who goes under the pseudonym ‘David Warhol’, which coincidentally is the name of the president of Realtime Associates, Inc.

An equally big thank you goes to Unclejun and Monokoma (from for their help in accessing the demos. If anyone discovers anything new in the demos, e.g. button combinations producing a different angle or move, then get in touch and let us know!

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Games That Weren’t Needs YOU! Unreleased Megadrive games need tracking down

Despite our best efforts there are times when our searches for unreleased games prove fruitless. It is at times like this we publish what information we do have in the hope that one of our intrepid and fabulous readers takes up the baton and succeeds where we failed. Sadly, we’ve reached this point once more.

We’ve been looking into three or four games that are unreleased, some with a fair amount of information and other’s with next to nothing. We’ve published every we now underneath but unless some new information comes to light it’s the end of the road for these games.

Monster Truck Wars

Monster Truck Wars was actually released back in the 1990s…for the Game Gear and Game Boy. A Megadrive version was planned and indeed we even know the person who did it. Mike Crandall has his own website and among the list of games he worked on he reveals that he developed the Sega Genesis version of Monster Truck Wars. We’ve contacted him but sadly got no reply.

This isn’t a plea for you to pester the poor guy, he’s probably got a life, unlike us. But unless we can find out more info from anyone else who worked on the game then we’re at a dead end in trying to find out how much of the game was made and why it got cancelled.

Puggsy 2

Puggsy was an innovative little platformer released by Psygnosis on the Megadrive in 1993 and the Amiga a year later. A sequel was promised at the time according to Wikipedia but nothing ever came of it, probably due to poor sales of the original, even though it’s highly thought of.

A search online gives no details at all of a possible sequel, and of course Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable of sources but given the positive reputation of the game it would make sense that they wanted to give the franchise another go.

We’ve contacted the company Jon Burton set up, Traveller’s Tales, who produced Puggsy for Psygnosis, to see if we can chat to him and ask a few questions. Beyond that however the trail is completely cold. Any ideas?

Sonic 3 (V1)

Of course Sonic 3 wasn’t an unreleased Megadrive game, and it went on to become one of the top ten best selling games released on the system. However, budgetary and scheduling issues meant several planned levels had to be cut from the game. Presumably these were at least in a state of near-completion when they were canned and given the stature of the series you would hope that something remains of these unreleased levels. Yuji Naka was part of the Sonic Team that produced all the Megadrive Sonic games and we’ve tried to get in touch but had no luck so far.

Due to the high profile of Sonic it’s possible, perhaps even probable, that Sega and anyone who still owns the copyright to Sonic 3 that there would be reticence to release unreleased material into the public domain, but it would be nice to see it archived publicly for posterity given the importance of the blue hedgehog to gaming history.

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GTW64 and update

Over the past few months, GTW64 has been working with to preserve a series of games after working on the disk collection of Darren Melbourne. 25 or so disks were painstakingly preserved by, and GTW64 trawled through these and found many a lost game. We present a good selection of these, but more will follow in the future with more disks being examined and preserved by both of us.

The collaborated update includes:

  • Nuker preview found and released
  • Runestone preview found and released
  • Duel full game found and released
  • Unnamed CRL game preview found and released
  • Leopard Lord full game found

Then part of GTW64’s usual update includes:

  • Necronom graphical assets found
  • Shao Lin’s Road V1 assets found
  • Enduro Racer V1/V2 preview found
  • Early version of Microprose Soccer released
  • More details on Razzmatazz added
  • 42 other new entries added
  • 17 existing entries updated

Nuker image

Enjoy, and hope you all have a good holidays and a happy new year! We’ll be back in 2012 with more joint findings :) and

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