GTW64 April 2024 update

It is a big week, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of Games That Weren’t. It’s also our monthly update to the Commodore 64 archive, with plenty of new and updated materials for you to check out.

2,500 entries now in the GTW64 archive!

To tie in with the 25th Anniversary celebrations which are due on the site this Wednesday, we have also hit a significant milestone with 2,500 entries now available within the GTW64 archive. Since 1999, we have been building the archive and recovering many unreleased games for the Commodore 64 for you to check out!

6 new entries added

Ok, I admit – to get up to that magic number, I may have made sure that I added at least 6 new entries this month. This includes news of a possible US version of Strider and some other promising titles which sadly seem to have been abandoned.

BacillusBeat Em UpBruce Lee 2Galencia Khaos SphereInfaredStrider USA

24 updates added

Then we have quite a few updates and changes to 24 titles, with a lot of updates thanks to Anonymous Contributor. Each page has a “History” segment which explains what has changed.

ABCArthurBreakerBushido WarriorChart BreakerEuchre for FourField of FireGoremiumHabitatHorror DriveKoshimoLotyaMindsmearOrbital RunPiracyQuest for CyrusStarfighter OneStarglider 2Super EliteSuper PinballSuper StardustTime Scanner V1TwintrisUltra Games

See you all next month, and look out for the 25th Anniversary post coming up in a day or so!

8 Responses to GTW64 April 2024 update

  1. Frank,

    25 years is definitely an achievement and something to celebrate, but more importantly it’s the level of professionalism and kindness you bring to the table that make visiting your site that much sweeter.

  2. Congrats on the 25 years! What a remarkable achievement. Thank you for the hard work looking into these games that would otherwise have been lost. Thoroughly loved the book too.

    • Hi Ken – The CZ article started around 1998, then about a year later the site was born to start hosting some of the games to download + others. There’s a big feature coming on Wednesday where I go through the history of how we got started and a bit of a history timeline up to present day.

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