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Gyro Shoc

1987 Lynsoft

Gyro Shoc thumbnail

Also known as: Gyroshoc

Some of you may remember a little game from the covermount of Commodore Zone some years back, called Quota, a neat little game. Created by the talented Chris Young around 1989, Chris had previously been working on a game before … Continue reading

Halo Jones

1987 Piranha

Also known as: The Ballard of Halo Jones

Following on from a series of 2000AD themed games, Halo Jones was the next in line from Piranha on their ambitious (And eventually fateful) climb forwards in the games market. Halo Jones was rather different to the other titles, and … Continue reading


2009 Enthusi

Heng thumbnail

Heng was to be a sort of Civilization-based game on the C64, which was developed from around 2009 time. The idea was for the game to be a real-time strategy with 2 players (or player vs AI), where you have … Continue reading

Il Conte

1983 Riccardo Pizzi

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Also known as: Dracula's Castle, The Count

An Italian title which may have been released, but is currently missing and yet to be preserved. Can you help us and ready64.org to recover it? Il Conte (The Count) was a text adventure game which was created by Riccardo … Continue reading


19?? Unknown

Inca thumbnail

A strangely named game which was to be a graphical text adventure. The game was actually meant for Protovision, but Protovision were not interested, so the game was cancelled. Richard Bayliss was to pick up the game and do something, … Continue reading