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Shadowfire 3

1994 Denton Designs

Platforms: PC, Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn

Retro Gamer issue 113 had once featured an excellent feature on the trilogy of Shadowfire by Martyn Carroll.   Trilogy?    Well, you’ll need to check out the article to find out more details about the 3rd game (as well as get an insight from the original developers).

Part of the feature included the uncovering of a concept document for Shadowfire 3, which was discovered by Dennis Gustafsson, whilst digging out some other materials for Martyn.

The document was given to Dennis by Ally Nobel whilst at Denton Designs between 1991 and 1995 time.  Rage absorbed Denton by 1995, and sadly Shadowfire 3 was a casualty of this.  The game was planned for development on the PC (and later PlayStation and Saturn)… the Amiga wasn’t thought to be in the plans due to it being a bit late in the day.

Thanks to Martyn and Dennis on their rescue attempts on digitally preserving the document, we are very happy to release the document (thanks also to Ally Nobel for giving us the go ahead).  It’s a wonderful document, with some great concept sketches throughout.  Take a look of what could have been in this incomplete trilogy!

Download concept document (PDF – 13mb)


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Knuckle Buster early version

A quick addition showing a rather different looking Knuckle Buster game on the C64 by Mat Sneap.  Luckily in this case the preview has been around for some time.  The thing is that some people have specified that they prefer the preview to the final game.  Do you agree?

Here is a comparison between the early version title screen and final version:


V1 title screen
V1 title screen
Final title screen

And now the game itself:

V1 gameplay
V1 gameplay
Final gameplay
Final gameplay

If you want to check out both versions yourself, then grab them from here:

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Andrew Morris assets

Andrew Morris has been allowing us to preserve some of his disks to show incomplete/unused materials to the world, and recently we have discovered the assets to the likes of Kikstart 2 and Cosmic Causeway and various others.

This is a recent update to the post I did previously on just Kikstart 2 and Cosmic Causeway assets to expand and include more recent findings.  Some will have been commercially used, but there are a few bits and pieces to check out.

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