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Sleepwalker (C64) being re-developed!

Some great news, but John Darnell (developer of the Kane series, Jet Set Willy 2, Dragon’s Lair and many others) has decided to resurrect his long lost Sleepwalker game that was originally meant for Software Projects.


The game was in development just before JSW2, and the latter game features elements from Sleepwalker – but never got to see the light of day as you can read in the above link to the original GTW64 entry. Sadly the original game is completely lost now, so John is starting again from scratch – with input from Trevor Storey (graphics) and Vanja Utne (music).

It’s looking promising, and hopefully this long lost game will make it in some shape or form at long last! You can follow developments and how John is getting on at the page below:

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GTW64 new update + Captain Fizz V1 release

Below is a digest of recent additions and updates that have been made since the last update, including a new release game!

Captain Fizz V1 recovered and released!


A very odd entry into the GTW64 database, with what seems to be a practically complete conversion of Captain Fizz, but by a different coder. Scrapped likely due to the slow down issues and re-started by another dev. Enjoy!

Captain Fizz V1

8 new entries added

BooBer, Crowboy, Gemini Wing V1, Gung-Ho!, Star Goose, Starfighter One, Super Elite, Super Pinball

19 updates added

Armalyte 2, Charlie Chaplin, Chiller V1, Escape From Colditz, Fast “‘n Furious, Goremium, Little Beau, Murder!, Pipe Mania, Rex, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo V1, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Space Ace, Super C, The 4th Dimension, The Punisher, Twin Ranger, Unknown tennis game

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Tony Gibson – a tribute/obituary

Before and since the recovery of the infamous Sigue Sigue Sputnik from oblivion, we wanted to always learn more about the game via its creator, Tony (Gibbo) Gibson. Attempts had been in vain though sadly.

Collect seaweed and throw at famous politicians – Seaside Special, political themed gaming at its best!

Mark Harrison popped up early this year though, and we both shared notes to try and find Tony. We both found a YouTube channel (with a number of music remixes) and other pages which Tony had created, which hadn’t been updated since around 2012. Sadly our initial fears were confirmed when Mark Harrison got hold of Tony’s son a few weeks ago. Tony very sadly passed away in 2013 after a battle with cancer.

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First GTW64 update of 2016

Well, after an entertaining 2015 – the work continues. We begin 2016 with some quick new entries and a bunch of updates to some existing titles. Sadly nothing new to play, but that will change soon. Watch this space!

5 new entries added

Combo Racer, Dragonstone 2, Fists of fury, Nitro, The Horsekiller

14 updates added

Bryan Robson’s Super League, F-86 Sabre Strike, Final Command, Go Karts, Joan Of Arc: Siege And The Sword, Little Knight Arthur, Murder!, Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix, Nighthunter, Quantarallax, Unnamed Game, Zamzara V1, Ziggurat, Zombies, Undead Or Alive

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Games That Weren’t Christmas update 2015

So where did 2015 go? Only feels like the other month I was doing last years special update :)
It’s been a massive year, with one of the most important lost C64 games finally found amongst one of our most busiest years – and yet there is still plenty more to find and are continuing to be found!

We hope you all have a great holiday and new year, and we’ll see you again in 2016 with more discoveries (of which we have some brilliant ones lined up!). But for now, enjoy today’s offerings:

Sigue Sigue Sputnik found


The legendary (and almost thought to be mythical) title has been found in believed to be its final state. This long lost Tony Gibson game is pretty wacky and sadly never got picked up by any publishers at the time to be completed.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Worron, lost Firebird game found


Richard Paynter’s long lost Firebird game that never was, from probably the last remaining copy in existence.


Firefighter Mario found

A long lost unofficial Mario game. Possibly released commercially (to be confirmed), it hasn’t yet been digitally available.

Firefighter Mario

Urban Warrior final edition added

Richard Bayliss has fixed up Video Images’ Urban Warrior game, so that it is now as originally intended. Complete with linked loading screen, map fix and music.

Urban Warrior

Enemy SEU remains found

An early phase rolling demo of the R-Type clone by Stuart Cook and Ned Langman has been found, including a loading screen and test ship sequence.


Various early Ash and Dave games

Ash and Dave were working on a few titles that didn’t get very far at all. For most, we have managed to find some graphic assets which you can check out for the following:

Bob’s Full House V1, Croc, Switchblade, Unknown football game, Unknown tennis game

Quantarallax preview recovered

A game by Quantum Designs which was the beginning of an interesting Delta clone.


Nuker final edition recovered

A glitch fixed edition, and what is the very final edition of the game has been recovered and added to the rest of the Nuker versions that have been recovered previously


Wildfire, Starlight game remains found

A very early preview of Wildfire, which is believed to be the Starlight/Destiny Software game that never was.


Stellar 7 graphic assets found

Some quick assets for the lost Hades Nebula sequel has been added

Stellar 7

Various Video images and Post-Clockwize concepts added

A brief glimpse at some titles and their graphic assets, thanks to Dean Hickingbottom!

Cavey, Molecale

Various Marcus Wagner titles added

Marcus was a prolific developer on the C64, which meant that there were inevitably some that got away…

Girl Guard, Jupple Dust, Onion Yupy, Paratron, Wizerior 2 , Yloa

Flimbo 1 + 2 bits and pieces added

Firstly, a new Flimbo’s Quest V1 entry has been added with a slightly different title screen, game movement and sfx. Also the proper C64 files for the Flimbos Quest 2 tunes have been added.

Flimbo’s Quest V1, Flimbos Quest 2

Ash and Dave assets page added

Part of our digital preservation work with Ashley Routledge’s disks, has been to find any unreleased demos or graphics by the duo. This page gives an overview of what has been found so far, which you can download for yourself.

Ash and Dave assets

Many lost music files, demos and graphics added!

As a larger part of general preservation work over a series of collections, we have extracted a number of lost music, Compunet demos, graphics and other pieces of interest – which are not really GTW material, but things you may find interesting.

Lost music, demo and graphic assets

3 other new entries added

Beatle Quest – Parts Two and Three, Little Knight Arthur, The City of Ehdollah

And… 9 entries updated…

Atlantis, Dempsey & Makepeace, Ilogicall, Murder!, Outside, Quadrofender, Speed Fighter, The Greedy Dwarf, Zamzara V1

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