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Latest news and posts

GTW64 at Play Expo 2013

GTW64 was on display recently at the Play Expo 2013 in Manchester at Event City. It was a great weekend, where we got to chat to many developers – including Steve Wahid regarding his Streethawk work.


Below you can find some photos from the event, as well as a link to a podcast interview (starting from around 43:32).

We hope to do similar stands at other shows in the future!

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Flying Shark (ZX Spectrum) and Rampage (CPC)

A very small post to just share a previously unseen Flying Shark asset from the original game before it was handed over to Dominic Robinson and John Cummings at Graftgold Ltd. Yes, that is right – Bob Pape within his recent book on R-Type had disclosed that there was an earlier version of Flying Shark in development at Catalyst.

There was also an earlier Rampage development under way at Catalyst by a chap called Stephen Waldie. When Stephen found out he wouldn’t be paid until the end, he walked as he could not afford to live without a regular income stream.

Unfortunately, the Flying Shark coder was not quite up to the project and walked out after only a few weeks. Both projects were moved onto other developers before being finished off and released.

Flying Shark


Thanks to Bob Pape, we can at least share part of the Flying Shark V1 remains which he found on a development disk. It just contains an unused side panel which would have gone into the Catalyst version of the game. Maybe some day more will be recovered, but we doubt either game got very far at all.

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Yet more updates for GTW64

More this week, mostly in the way of new entries and a series of updates with scanned items added. No new games to play this time unfortunately, but we hope to have more soon. Enjoy!

30 new entries added

Benny Hill, Bloody Kids, Boxing and Galactica 1 pack, Bryan Robson’s Super League, Castle Fear, Delphian, Demolator, Espionage, Flame Island, Golden Path, Grand Slam Tennis, Grimblood, Gunboat, Hagar The Horrible, Main Event, Minder, Nifty Lifty, Orel Hershiser’s Strike Zone, Oriental Games, Pengi, Plexar, Q8 Team Ford Rally Simulation, Quadrillion, Rainbow, Sarge, Star Fighter, The Sweeney, Think!, Warlord, Xenodrome

24 updates added

Aviatak, Bamboo, Battlestorm, Crossbow, Deep Star, Gladiator, Heavy Barrel, International Soccer Challenge, King Of Chicago, Kobayashi Naru 1994, Liverpool FC, Lock On, Lord Of The Rings, Lords Of The Rising Sun, Miami Vice, Murder!, Operation Thunderbolt V1, Pulsator, Rebelstar, SDI, The Omnicron Conspiracy, Total Recall V1, Tour De Force, Trick Ramp Crazy

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Large update and findings for GTW64

Well, following on from the release of Fun School Special, we have a special update this time with not one new finding – but 7 previously unseen and unreleased games/previews – thanks to the efforts of Duncan Kershaw, who has been digging through his work disks for GTW64. This includes three full games, and the rest are quite meaty previews plus a sadly corrupted title (which we hope may get saved some day). But there also some other promising developments which you can find out more about below:

Duncan Kershaw recoveries released

A large amount of titles – most intended for Players Software recovered and preserved:

Codename Desert Storm (full game), Charlie (full game), Deep Star (preview), Harrier Strike (full game), Liberator (preview), Locomotive (preview), Space Hop (full game)

Firehawk (Codemasters) Level 1 map assets found


Dinnamic Donkey Duo and Elusive game remains recovered

Dinnamic Donkey Duo, Elusive

New Graham Gooch World Class Cricket review found and added

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket

More on R-Type V1 from Bob Pape

R-Type V1

16 additional new entries added

Demigod 1994, Hi-Tec educational titles, Kobyashi Naru 1994, Majik 1994, Micro Driv’in, Nightwing 1994, Shard of Inovar 1994, , The Darkest Road 1994, The Magus 1994, Unknown Ikari Warriors clone, Unnamed Karate game, Venom 1994, Wanted: Dead or Alive, World Boxing Champ, Zombies

And finally… 44 updates added

24th Amaranth GP, Adam Caveman, Axels Magic Hammer, Batman Returns, Brides Of Dracula, CJ’s 4th Adventure, City Bomber, Cops Fight Back, Dune Buggy, Escape From Colditz, Everwar, Fighting Cops, Final Eclipse, Firefighter, Flubble And Squij, Germ Alert, Habitat, Key to Success, Laser Disc to C64 interface, Leaving Teramis, Lethal Xcess, Mumbles – Superspy, Nuclear Nick, Olli & Lissa II: Halloween, Penguin Tower, Pipe Mania, Save The Hippy, Scooter, Se-Kaa of Assiah 1994, Solar Jetman, Sooty And Sweep 2, Space Ace, Spikey and the search for Rip, Spooky, Starburst, Super Pac Twins, The Seven Gates Of Jambala, Time Scanner V1, Trojahn, Unknown Ole Mogensen game, Venturia, Warriors

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