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Slightly Spooky (Amiga, Spectrum)

1993 Codemasters

Code – Colin Jones
Graphics – Keith Ross
Music – Allister Brimble (?)

This game is one of the rumoured unreleased 22 Codemasters games which one day we hope to track down and bring to you, like Codemasters should have done a long time ago.

This game was to be the sequel to Slightly Magic by Colin Jones, which Ian Gray converted from the Spectrum version. We guess that the game would have pretty much been more of the same using the same engine.

The Spectrum entry at the World of Spectrum website states that the game was a finished but unreleased game on the Amiga. We spoke to Colin Jones, who confirmed this and also confirmed that the 8-bit versions were already being cut back when he completed the Amiga version. Where Colin talks about 8-bit versions, we only know that allegedly the ZX Spectrum was started but never finished. Continue reading

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Contact form issues

It seems that there have been issues for some time with our contact form on the GTW site, with emails not getting sent for at least a few months.  This is likely due to security updates on the hosting we are on, which we were unaware of.  Things are now working again thankfully!

If you have sent any information to us via the contact form, and have not had a response – this is why i’m afraid.  Our apologies to those who have therefore not had a response, and we ask if you could contact us again if you did have any information to submit!

Many thanks!

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GTW64 update 05/05/13

And another update in quick succession … this time a slightly larger update with a number of new entries and updates (with new scans).

7 new entries added

Basket Master V1, Mutant Zone, Reach For The Moon, T-Runner, Thundercats 3, Trick Ramp Crazy, Xecutor

11 updates added

Academy, Dreadnought, Lords Of The Rising Sun, Manhatten Dealers, Nimitz, Phantom Club, Rastan V1, Rebelstar, Scooby Doo V1, Thundercats 2, Time Scanner V1

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