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Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989 recovered!

After Jeff Minter recently confirmed at Manchester’s PLAY expo that AMC’89 was long lost from his source disks, it seemed that all was lost.

I had even mentioned the conversation to Mark Cambell (web admin for the brilliant Konix archive), and we said that we may have to rely on a complete fluke of it turning up. And a fluke just a few weeks later was what happened!

Well, just after our conversation – Version 0.4 of the game’s source (an early build with just the Egyptian graphics) was found within a batch of test disks that had been passed on. The news directly from the Konix site can be found here. It is an amazing finding, and what is even more amazing is the fact that it has been got running within the Konix emulator already – which has only recently just been coded up. Check out the YouTube video below.


It is brilliant news that something of the game has been found, and even more chuffed with the finding is Jeff himself – who had thought the game was lost forever. The old video clips that were recovered from VHS clips were once taunting images of a game that we were desperate to play and hear those fractal generated sounds properly for the first time. Now we are able to – and it is thanks of course to the fantastic work of Mark Campbell!

We’re not sure what the next steps are – but Jeff has given permission for the game to be released – maybe he might even finish it in some shape or form! Once things are tidied up, the plan will be to release it with the emulator.

Although there is little to actually play – because the source has been found, levels could be build for it. Possibly the missing bits re-implemented from the old videos as source. Many possibilities, we’ll see how it all pans out.

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New Games That Weren’t 64 site launch!

After many years of saying we were going to update GTW64, it has finally been done! We are very proud to present the newly updated GTW64 site, now becoming part of the main Games That Weren’t website and taking advantages of its features – including the ability to rate entries, comment, view latest update feeds and more. Additionally there have been improvements to searching and discovery with various canned searches set up throughout on key attributes like company and year.

No doubt there will be a few niggles here and there, but we hope to have caught most of the problems. If you do spot anything badly broken, please let us know and we’ll aim to fix as soon as possible. It is hoped that this upgrade will provide a mechanism to carry out quicker updates and on the fly updates as well (i.e. publish updated notes as soon as we get them). We’ll see – but any time saved will with any luck give us more time to locate more unreleased C64 software.

We are additionally retiring the gtw64.co.uk domain, and it will merely act as a redirect to the new address from now on. If anything has linked to any old GTW64 pages/urls, then we are hoping that most should be redirecting to the new addresses here. If you are linking to the old address, please could you update your bookmarks and links accordingly!

Not much else left to say apart from that we hope you enjoy the new site!

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Bill’s Tomato Game (Megadrive) prototype on ebay

The unreleased Megadrive port of Psygnosis’ Bill’s Tomato Game has surfaced once more, this time on Ebay.

The game had surfaced previously in 2009, and then things went quiet as the quest went on for the elusive dump of the rom. Now there is a big opportunity to get hold of the game and finally preserve it for all to see. Only problem is that you’ll need at least £800 to get it.

It is hoped that if anyone manages to get hold of the game, they will be right away attempting to back everything up and release to the community. So often are these types of auctions picked up by collectors and never see the light of day again.

More details about the game and auction can also be checked out on the excellent Retro Collect website.

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Thank you!

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the very kind contributions to our hosting and domain costs, which was completed thanks to Mark Campbell (a full list of all our contributors can be found on the donations page). This is us covered for another year and we will continue to report and uncover on what we can.

Apologies for the quietness recently – i’m currently in the process of upgrading GTW64 (finally!), which has meant a number of scripts to get the data out of the archaic 10 year old page design and into a new system. The content is almost out, and the next steps will be to get the C64 based archive in a new system (possibly here under the main GTW site if all goes to plan).

Other news is that Amiga GTW has been brought into a larger Amiga based site called Amiga Lore, due to Adrian finding that he was asking developers lots of questions about their released games as well as unreleased games so he’s now covering everything in larger interviews. Check out the Amiga platform link on the top right of the page to take a look!

Finally – more news snippets and game updates coming here soon. Alex has been very busy compiling notes and details in the background, so we’ll bring some of this to light very soon.

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Hunt for a lost Dracula loading screen

Thanks to Raffox for flagging this one up from the Gamebase 64 archives, but although we mainly deal with trying to find unreleased games or vastly different versions of a released game, we also like to examine and take a look at various assets which were not used.

It seems that CRL’s Dracula had a slightly earlier edition that featured a different loading screen which you can see below.


Sadly so far nothing has been found of this loading screen. Are there more maybe as well in an earlier edition? Maybe Jared Derrett can help us or shed some light?

If you have any loading screens not on the review page, please let us know!

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Nightmare Busters coming soon to SNES

News of an old SNES game called Nightmare Busters has emerged recently and which is being finished off, after originally being cancelled back in the day.

The game is being finished off by Super Fighter Team, and should be available in 2013 with a limited set of copies produced.

For more details check out:


Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up!

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Angel of Hell 2 game recovered

NOTE: (Frank – 03/09/21) I’ve updated this old 2012 post, as the link was broke.

Another quick update with the recovery of a great icon driven adventure game called Angel Of Death 2. This is a very advanced preview with some neat intros and graphics throughout. No English translation just yet!

Angel Of Hell 2

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Alien Trilogy

1994 Acclaim

Platforms: SEGA 32X and Mega CD

Way back in 1994 the Doom-style Alien Trilogy was slated to come out across just about all platforms.

It came out on the Playstation, PC and Sega Saturn back in 1995 but proposed 32X and Sega CD versions never materalised. It’s not known if the game would have been a 32X cart game, a stripped down Sega CD game, both or a 32X CD game.

The game uses a similar if not the same engine as Doom, which did come out on the 32X so it’s likely the machine could have handled the game on a processing power level, if not on a memory level. But appalling sales of the 32X likely encouraged little demand for sustained support for the hardware from software developers. Continue reading

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