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GTW64 xmas update

It’s that time of the year again. The Xmas update of Games That Weren’t is now launched, with plenty of findings and new materials, including:

  • ‘PUTTY’ – Found and released!

  • ‘UNDEAD’ – Fully recovered and added
  • ‘PULSE’ – A new unseen puzzler preview
  • ‘SCIMITAR’ – An early tech demo from Cyberdyne Systems
  • ‘DEADLOCK’ – More demos (including 2 early versions) added
  • ‘ARMALYTE 2’ – Game music recovered
  • ‘HALF LIFE’ – GFX remains founds
  • ‘SAVAGE PLATFORMS’ – Game music recovered
  • ‘TURN CHANGE’ – More remains added
  • 35 brand new entries added
  • 19 existing entries updated

And a little hint of what’s to come in 2011…

‘STARGLIDER 2’ – All remains recovered and being worked on.

Enjoy at

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Speedball 2 unused material (C64)

Carl Muller did a fantastic job squeezing in Speedball 2 onto the Commodore 64 back in 1991. However, it was at a cost in various areas … and most notably was for some of the in-between screens.

Commodore Format in particular had printed a much higher quality version of the defeat image and larger than what was in the final game. Carl luckily still had it, so here it is:

Hopefully we may see more materials, and possibly earlier builds in the future.

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Turbocharge prototype (C64)

Now for something which isn’t worth a full entry on the GTW64 site, but is worthy of a mention.

Recently a prototype of System 3’s 1991 racer/shooter Turbocharge on the Commodore 64 has been uncovered by TMR/Cosine, originally preserved to obtain its tunes. The main difference compared to the final game in this one level preview is that the game music is composed by Reyn Ouwehand, who was to be the original composer for the game. Music was switched to both Sean Connolly and Marc Francois towards the end of development.

Reyn’s music covers all sound channels in this version, compared to Sean/Marc’s music which was just 2 channels to leave the 3rd sound channel free for SFX.

From what I can see, there is very little else that is different compared to the final game – nothing seems to be that different graphically, though there may be some very subtle gameplay tweaks. The final game felt a little more solid.

You can now grab the turbocharge-proto file and play on an emulator. Enjoy!

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Hawkeye 2 (C64) in development

Although a few weeks old news now, with the addition just now of some previously unseen development materials, we thought it would be worth mentioning news on the main site about the up and coming new development.

That’s right, with the original salvaged materials – the game is finally to be completed with around 25 lines of parallax and 12 levels of action. The game is pretty much being done from scratch, improving vastly the amount that will be squeezed into the game.

More details, including the original and scrapped development from 1989 can be read about here:

With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni regarding materials from the new version (which seems to have stalled).


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We’re back!

After a few months offline, Games That Weren’t is back – with a slightly new lick of paint – though not too dissimilar to the old site.

So what happened?… Unfortunately the hosting disappeared and bang went all our content. Sadly with no access to the posts, I have had to scrape what I can from the Google caches and also the Web Archive. As a result, we have had a few casulties (In particular the Konix AMC’89 article sadly :-( ) , but most of the old site has been re-posted here and preserved.

Sadly the PCGTW and 3DO GTW sites are still unavailable, but i’m hoping these will be back soon!

The one positive thing to come out of everything is that it forced my hand to update the site and its functionality, with better Social media integration (and also a far better admin interface for us to use!).

So now on with the show!….

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