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Slightly Magic kickstarter

Author of the Codemasters graphic adventure Slightly Magic, Colin Jones, has set up a new Kickstarter project to resurrect the game in a 8-bit legacy edition (with faithfulness to the original graphics), but also with an extra special incentive which will be of interest to those into unreleased games like us….

As you will know via GTW64, there was a sequel planned called Slightly Spooky – which sadly never saw the light of day.  Well, if Colin’s Kickstarter is successful and OUYA funding is obtained as well, then Slightly Spooky will also be produced and given free as digital copy to those who are eligible for Slightly Magic’s remake.

But that isn’t all!  If the stretch goal of £12,000 is met, then the third title in the series will be produced also.  A title was set originally for a 3rd game, but never started after the non-release of Slightly Spooky.

An additional bonus is that Allister Brimble will be re-recording his original music score with his latest instruments and equipment for the game.

For more details, check out the Kickstarter page here:

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Mike (Kernal) Berry collection

Following on from the Jonathan Kendall collection, Mike Berry recently came forward with the offer of making available the editor he created to generate levels for Reckless Rufus.


With the possibility of more to come, I have set up a general page to add any interesting tools and bits and bobs (not quite GTW specific, but not previously seen) from Mike’s collection.

So as a starting point, here is the Reckless Rufus level editor tool – which is labelled Awesome Dude, which was the original name for the game before Alternative Software asked for the rename at the death.


Here it is, and hopefully there will be more to add in the future…

Reckless Rufus editor

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GTW64 at Play Expo 2013

GTW64 was on display recently at the Play Expo 2013 in Manchester at Event City.  It was a great weekend, where we got to chat to many developers – including Steve Wahid regarding his Streethawk work.


Below you can find some photos from the event, as well as a link to a podcast interview (starting from around 43:32).

We hope to do similar stands at other shows in the future!

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