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1990 Rainbird (?)

Midwinter thumbnail

Hmmm…i’m not 100% sure about this one, but thanks to Romppainen we are able to highlight what seems to be a possible conversion of the impressive Midwinter game from the Amiga/ST. This was a strategy game developed by Mike Singleton … Continue reading


2012 Unknown

Minimus thumbnail

Lovely and promising is a way of describing Minimus, which was in development back in 2012. The preview that has managed to sneak out shows a decent animated main character who can jump around a sideways scrolling platform world, and … Continue reading

Monster Squad

1987 ACEUK

Monster Squad thumbnail

Thanks to Carlos Vazquez for highlighting this one. Monster Squad potentially is a title which was based on the 1987 movie. The question is whether the ACEUK company was a proper company, and if this was a proper quick cash … Continue reading