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1985 Loriciels

A very short entry to highlight a currently missing title which may or may not have been released. A racing game by Loriciels, was it completed or released? Can you help us find and preserve the title? UPDATE: Confirmed thanks … Continue reading


1988 Electronic Arts

A very quick entry which was highlighted by Romppainen. Fusion was an average shooter produced by Bullfrog for Electronic Arts on the Amiga back in 1988. Nothing unusual there, but Romppainen highlights that the game was listed as being released … Continue reading

Game Hunter

198? Anirog

Game Hunter is yet another mysterious Anirog title which seems to have gone astray since some initial mentions in magazines and adverts. We’re not entirely sure at this point what the game was about, and there seems to be no … Continue reading


1997 Unknown

A bizzarely named game which was reviewed very quickly by Peter Staaks back in 1997 in one of the main fanzines at the time. It was a pacman clone which had a preview released apparently and which Peter gave some … Continue reading