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Cruise Attack (BBC Micro)

Dave Moore from Retro Software has recently informed us of a long lost BBC micro conversion of Cruise Attack by Mikro Gen being found safe and well.

This was sold to Dave Moore back in Sept 2010. The ZX Spectrum version has been around for some time, but no-one was aware of the BBC Micro edition. How did the game come about? Dave shed some light by giving us the story from the Ebay sellers site:

The story behind this tape is as follows: about 2 years ago I bought a batch of tapes from a seller on eBay that turned out to have a lot of cassettes with labels on them saying “Master”. All of them were Mikro-gen tapes and so I emailed the bloke back asking where he had obtained them; his reply was as follows:

“I used to work in a photo studio next door to a computer software development workshop in Bracknell, Berks. We did a lot of advertising for them, but they went bust during the last recession, and we were given some stock towards their outstanding account. I seem to remember the rest was skipped and crushed.”

That makes this a rather unique item – an in-house “master” tape that was (I’m guessing) used for duplication purposes when they had to run off another batch of games to sell. There is no inlay for this item. The tape is labelled on one side as “BBC Cruise Attack original MASTER 26.4.84”; there is no label on theother side. The spine of the case reads “BBC Cruise Attack”. It is interesting that this tape is labelled both “original” and “master”. None of the other MASTER tapes that I have use the word “original”.

So, here is the chance to own a BBC curiosity salvaged from the ashes of Mikro-Gen. As ever, I can’t tell if this tape will still load since I don’t have a BBC. All I can tell you is that the Spectrum masters that came in the same batch all worked perfectly.

Luckily everything did work perfectly, and the game is in the process of being made available. Dave has said that once the tape has been converted over to a disk image, hell pass a copy – which hopefully we can make available here.

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BBC Micro unreleased games

In the climb in anticipation for the upcoming In Da 80s! event, Dave Moore (Of Stairway to Hell fame) and Peter Edwards have been very busy trying to encourage developers to come along and help create some new games!

Well, along with this – the guys will be unveilling a very impressive range of unreleased and incomplete BBC Micro games which have been salvaged from various old tapes and disks picked up in recent times.

Some of the highlights include (Thanks Dave for the notes):

  • Uropa by Stephen Smith (who also wrote Krystal Connection, the unreleased Melbourne House title that Retro Software completed in 2009). Uropa II wasactually released, but for the Amiga.
  • An Early version of Kenton Price’s Starquake conversion (Not a GTW, but an interesting curio nonetheless)
  • A very early Moon Patrol demo by Kenton Price
  • Klepto Kapers by Kenton Price
  • Jeltron by Gil Jaysmith and Richard Broadhurst.

More details on each of these can be found via the forum thread over at Thanks to Dave Moore for the heads up!

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Chutes and Ladders (C64) preserved

What was first thought to be a lost and unreleased educational game on the Commodore 64, has been found safe and well thanks to the guys at the Personal Computer Museum.

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders has been on our missing list for a while now, and has thankfully been backed up by the museum and provided to all for posterity.

Check out the entry and NTSC only download here:

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Dreamworld Pogie (NES) found!

Retrocollect have just recently reported that the long lost Codemasters game, Dreamworld Pogie, has been released at long last.

Basically recently celebrated Dizzy’s 25th birthday by putting up a number of download treats, which also oddly included the source code to Dreamworld Pogie on the NES. After about 10 minutes, a fellow Dizzy fan had compiled it and got the thing fully working. Check out the YouTube clip of it all running!

Read more over at Retrocollect here:

Grab the game from forum thread here (Follow links above for source):

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Star Odyssey (Mega Drive) released!

Super Fighter Team (a classic game publisher based in San Diego, California) has recently brought out a new commercial release for the Sega Mega Drive called Star Odyssey, a role-playing game set in the future. This game, which was originally released in Japan under the title Blue Almanac, was later advertised in American video game magazines in the early ’90s under the title Star Odyssey. The ads promised a forthcoming release of the game in English — but this never happened… until now.

In 2007, Super Fighter Team acquired the only known copy of the English language prototype of Star Odyssey and in 2009, successfully negotiated a licensing contract with the current IP holder, Starfish-SD Inc. Thus on June 22, 2011, the 20th anniversary of the release of Blue Almanac in Japan, this anticipated RPG finally reached gamers not only in the USA, but around the entire world.

The release of Star Odyssey marks the first time a new game for a classic system has been produced and released in cooperation with a company in Japan.

Many thanks to Brandon Cobb (president of Super Fighter Team) for the news submission!

EDIT 05/12/21 – Removed links and images, as sales site now a gambling site. Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up.

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Quick update to GTW64

As the backlog is starting to creep up a bit, here is something to relieve the backlog pressure!…

  • Autoguard shots added
  • New York Crisis entry added
  • Three other entries added – 6 Kingdoms of Babylon, Bombmania, Bomber Clot
  • Six entry updates – 9 Lives of Fritz the Cat, Barry the Seahorse, Colony, Crucial Bros, Kick Off 2 Cartridge, Moon Gods
Shot of Autoguard in action (C64)

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That was the Mega-CD Game That Wasnt

Its time to finally lay the rumor to bed. There wasn’t a Mega CD version of the classic game, Cannon Fodder.

The rumors have existed since the days of the Megadrive and have never really be confirmed or denied one way or another. Some people claim to have seen adverts for it and its always been hoped one day something would leak out into the internet to prove its existence.

Sadly, it is not to be.

In the pursuit of my investigations about this GTW I managed to contact Jon Hare of Sensible Software fame, who kindly replied saying he knew nothing about a planned Mega CD version of Cannon Fodder.

According to Games That Werent’s very own Frank Gasking, Jon was often involved in the conversions of a game by Sensible Software onto other platforms, either overseeing them or coding them himself.

Taking that into account then, it makes it highly unlikely that Cannon Fodder ever existed in some form for the Mega CD. Its still possible it was mooted at some point, perhaps even announced on an advertisement for the game on other platforms. It wouldn’t be the first time a game was advertised as coming soon before it had even been started.

But unless Jon’s memory has tricked him (or he wasn’t involved in early discussions) it looks like Cannon Fodder for the Mega-CD is a ghost that can finally be put to rest.

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Two Games That Werent (and sadly never will be)

Sadly not all Games That Werent investigations turn out successfully, and many times we find out about an unreleased or cancelled game only to find out that whatever work was done on it is also lost to the ether.

I found out about two such games over the weekend.

The first was a planned Megadrive version of Aliens vs Predator for the SNES. The game plays like an AvP version of Final Fight and got mixed reviews at the time. A different version was to be released in the arcades a year later by Capcom but the console version on the SNES was released by Activision who owned the AvP licence at the time. I was intrigued to see if I could track down any evidence of the port given how much of a fan I am of both the AvP franchise and Final Fight.

The SNES version of Alien vs Predator

I managed to contact the producer of the SNES game, Tom Sloane, who confirmed its existence and directed me to the company who were in charge of creating the Megadrive version, Realtime Associates Inc.

Although a Megadrive version of Aliens vs. Predator was indeed planned, along with a PC version, it was scrapped as Activision werent happy with how it was developing. I suspect that if reviews of the SNES version were mixed, then poor sales would have also hampered any willingness to release the game on other platforms.

Sadly nothing exists of these planned versions so while its nice to confirm that a version was planned and it is a genuine GTW, its a shame nothing exists of it today.

The second game I found purely by accident while looking for information on Aliens vs. Predator, as Realtime Associations Incs president, David Warhol revealed to me they were was a planned video game conversion of a comic called Youngblood, which came out in the early 1990s.

Youngblood was a comic in the early 1990s

The game was planned for the PS1, Sega Saturn and the PC and Warhol (David, not Andy) described it as an action based real-time strategy game.

Like Aliens vs Predator though, nothing remains of this game despite it being more recent (well at least within the last 20 years!).

Its always a shame to discover that certain games were in fact planned for release, only to simultaneously discover that nothing remains of them now but at least we can document their planned existence in the hope that something turns up one day.

Special thanks belong to Tom Sloane of Sloaperama Productions and David Warhol of Realtime Associates Inc for sharing their thoughts and memories on these games, but please do remember to archive everything from now on!

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‘St. Pauli’ C64 game recovered

Thanks to Enthusi/Onslaught in the C64 scene, the long lost St. Pauli adventure game has been found and recovered. This is a German based adventure game written in GAC which was released in very limited numbers.

A shot from the game start.

It has been known about, but missing for many years and on the wanted lists of GTW64 and Gamebase for sometime. As it has had a proper commercial release, no entry is needed, but here is the GB64 for you to check out! (See the readme file for more details).

In December 2021, contributor Alex got in touch via the comments to say that the readme is incorrect, and the game has three different storylines in total. Here is what Alex had to say:

“At the beginning of the game it is determined at random which one you are playing. Part 2 is actually 3 totally independent games in one. The story you solved in part 1 determines which of the 3 pair of codes you should use to start part 2.”

The solution can be found with more information at

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