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GTW64 updated

A new update from Games That Weren’t, including:

20 new entries added

Civilization, Dive Bomber, Dinnamic Donkey Duo, Erik the Destroyer, Elusive, Giana Strikes Back, Game#3, Gyrofalcon, Imperial Bodyguard, Pimple Panic, Robin Hood, Shian: “Tiger Style”, Shian: “Wu Dang”, Samba 2, SAW Wars, Unnamed game 1, Unnamed Football game, Unnamed game 2, Unnamed game 3, Zach Townsend Puzzler

8 game entries updated

Car Wars, Messiah 3, Quonodam, Shockwave, Trojahn, Thundercats V1, The Legend of Kyril


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Seal Cull beta testing

Recently in 2011 saw the re-launch of the Bad Taste label by Keith Wood in preparation for a upcoming article in Retro Gamer magazine on Dis Baby.

Coming from events of producing the article and interest from the Bad Taste range of games, Keith has decided that the first game from the Bad Taste label will be a proper version of Seal Cull (Released on the PC platform). Seal Cull was a game that never was for the C64 back in the 80s. It was believed that it was a Bad Taste game, but Keith confirmed that this wasnt the case. However, Keith loved the idea so much that he has decided to create the game. Keith has been busily working away with his family members to get the game complete and ready hopefully by November.

Keith is now wanting to open the game up for Beta testing, and needs help. For more details on getting involved, please go to:


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Mega Twins CPC/Spectrum Prototype Update

I’ve just seen this message from Gilby on World of Spectrum regarding the recently discovered discs:

To date, the Spectrum Mega Twins disc has been successfully dumped, plus two Amstrad discs with Mega Twins on it… There are other proto discs that have been recovered, but progress is very very slow. Mega Twins is in a fairly playable form, although not complete. There are some graphics glitches with the scrolling and some placeholder graphics are in place rather than finished artwork… Also it appears some collision detection is not in place.. I´d say the game is about 95% complete give or take.

This seems to tally with the CPC screenshots on from Amstrad Computer User featured. 95% sounds promising, lets hope we get to have a go soon.

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Thank you!

Within only a week we have covered our hosting costs thanks to fantastic contributions from Brandon Cobb, Vinny Mainolfi and Jan Schulze. Thanks guys, your contributions were very humbling and helps keep things ticking over for us.

As a result we have taken the donation options off line until next year.

Thanks again!

Games That Weren’t team

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EXCLUSIVE: Psygnosis F1 was a GTW port for the SEGA Saturn

Very occasionally in the pursuit of a GTW you stumble upon other, previously unknown GTWs by happenstance.

This happened to me recently as part of my ongoing investigation into the possibility of an Alien Trilogy port on the Sega 32X.

I was engaged in an email conversation with Keith Burkhill, who worked on Alien Trilogy for the Sega Saturn. Sadly he didnt know anything about a possible 32X port at the time but he did mention another game he worked on that was sadly cancelled.

It was a conversion of Psygnosis popular formula one racing game, F1, which was released for the PC and Playstation. At the time the Saturn had released F1 Challenge that sold poorly and provided only a very basic F1 experience. Psygnosis F1 on the other hand included the full 1995 season (despite being released in 1996) and was one of the top selling games of 1996, cementing the Playstations advantage over the failing Saturn.

The Saturn port was to be based on the existing Playstation version and according to Keith the game development had gotten so far as to get it running as a wire frame, which meant there were no textures. Sadly the game was then cancelled as by this time the Saturn market had died out.

Its addition to the Saturn game library would have been welcome indeed but perhaps the lag between the year in which F1 was based and the year it would have come out in on the Saturn contributed to a feeling that its time had passed, however its quite possible that the in-game stats would have been updated to showcase the current racing season.

Ive looked online for any reference to this planned conversion but cannot find any, hence the cheeky exclusive tag I slapped on the headline.

Hopefully something will turn up one day but in the meantime enjoy this video of the game playing on a Playstation and wonder at what might have been!

F1 by Psygnosis on the Playstation

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Mega Twins Demo Discovered?

Two weeks ago, a posting was made to the World of Spectrum forum indicating that demo versions of the Amstrad CPC and Sinclair Spectrum versions of unreleased US Gold/Capcom game Mega Twins were being auctioned on eBay.

Mega Twins on the Spectrum (Thanks to WoS)

The Amstrad version was reviewed by Amstrad Computer User in one of it’s final issues so it is likely that this version came from someone involved in that magazine. The review in question featured a high resolution C64 shot! It was previewed in Amstrad Action, Sinclair User, Crash and Your Sinclair. ACU was nutorious for reviewing incomplete or unreleased games like The Amazing Spiderman, Rimrunner and Virgin Games’ version of Judge Dredd.

A few days after the auctions began, the games were removed – reasons citing damaged sectors on the discs made it impossible to sell them. They are now in the hands of skilled Spectrum/Amstrad perservation team members who will strive to recover what data they can.

Here’s hoping some playable code can be extracted.

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Hosting costs and donations

Games That Weren’t is a freely ran project, 100% non-profitable and done in our own free time. To ensure minimum downtime, storing vast amounts of scans, downloads and information we unfortunately have to pay for hosting.

If you would like to help us to keep GTW and GTW64 running, then you are welcome to make a donation of any size by using the donation button on the side of every page (at the bottom, and out of the way), or via our Donation page.

Please note that donations only cover our hosting/domain costs, and that we remain a purely non-profit project. Each year we will try and raise £90 which covers our costs. Once we hit our target, no more donations will be accepted. More details can be found on our Donation page.

Thank you!

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Cruise Attack (BBC Micro)

Dave Moore from Retro Software has recently informed us of a long lost BBC micro conversion of Cruise Attack by Mikro Gen being found safe and well.

This was sold to Dave Moore back in Sept 2010. The ZX Spectrum version has been around for some time, but no-one was aware of the BBC Micro edition. How did the game come about? Dave shed some light by giving us the story from the Ebay sellers site:

The story behind this tape is as follows: about 2 years ago I bought a batch of tapes from a seller on eBay that turned out to have a lot of cassettes with labels on them saying “Master”. All of them were Mikro-gen tapes and so I emailed the bloke back asking where he had obtained them; his reply was as follows:

“I used to work in a photo studio next door to a computer software development workshop in Bracknell, Berks. We did a lot of advertising for them, but they went bust during the last recession, and we were given some stock towards their outstanding account. I seem to remember the rest was skipped and crushed.”

That makes this a rather unique item – an in-house “master” tape that was (I’m guessing) used for duplication purposes when they had to run off another batch of games to sell. There is no inlay for this item. The tape is labelled on one side as “BBC Cruise Attack original MASTER 26.4.84”; there is no label on theother side. The spine of the case reads “BBC Cruise Attack”. It is interesting that this tape is labelled both “original” and “master”. None of the other MASTER tapes that I have use the word “original”.

So, here is the chance to own a BBC curiosity salvaged from the ashes of Mikro-Gen. As ever, I can’t tell if this tape will still load since I don’t have a BBC. All I can tell you is that the Spectrum masters that came in the same batch all worked perfectly.

Luckily everything did work perfectly, and the game is in the process of being made available. Dave has said that once the tape has been converted over to a disk image, hell pass a copy – which hopefully we can make available here.

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