GTW64 Christmas update 2022

Time has come round quickly once more, with our yearly Christmas update – and as always, we have something for you in the shape of a previously unseen and unreleased C64 game (lost for 38 years), some recovered C128 titles and important new information on some key GTW entries.

Lordsfire – full game recovered after 38 years

Intended for release by Virgin Games, Jeremy Walker’s fully complete multi-part title has been recovered and released today by Games That Weren’t.

Lordsfire – entry and download

Ron Rosen confirms as developer of two long mysterious titles + a new one

Developer Ron Rosen has significantly confirmed his (and Art Huff’s) involvement on both Adam Caveman and Mumbles – Super Spy, as well as yet another title not known about until now: 

Adam CavemanBilly BoulderMumbles – Super Spy

Mike Lyons sheds light on more important GTWs

We finally speak to the developer of Total Recall V1 about what happened + chances of recovery, along with input on a number of other titles he worked on. Two surprises as you will notice: 

19 Boot Camp – Part 2Total Recall V1WhirligigWreckers

2 C128 titles digitally preserved

Thanks to Csaba Virag, here are two German C128 titles that have been digitally preserved. 

B-1 Bomber and Spukschloss – page and download

9 brand new entries added

A number of other new entries have also been added to the site:

Aerial ArithmeticAsteroidsCampaigns of NapoleonCommando V1, Garden Wars, Spider SnareSyntax tapeThe Battle of the BulgeZany Golf

33 other entries also updated

Then finally a whole raft of other existing entries in the archive have been updated. Details of each update can be found in the “History” tab for each page.

4 Games48 Hours64 Tape Computing – Issue 14Abandon Ship S.O.S.ArcadianCosmaxDiskovery titlesDouble Dragon V1Dungeons Of DeathEye Of The BeholderFlyspyFuzzy WuzzyGamma StrikeGem-X 2Greenhouse (MAX edition)HeartbreakerLost Robot 2M45MagicNuclear NickOutrun EuropeProteusRace Drivin’ScooterStratosSturmtruppenSword Of The SamuraiTerminus 2The Magic RoundaboutUndeadXaneXermaidXoanon

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and wish you all the best into 2023!

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