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Fire and Forget 2

1990 Titus

Platform: Arcade

Many of you may recall playing Fire and Forget 2 by Titus back in the day, although it was sadly a fairly “forgettable” game on the C64 at least from the author’s point of view.

Something which I had never noticed, and was brought to my attention by Karl Kuras, is that the adverts state that the game was based on the arcade game by Titus – complete with an actual photo of the cabinet too.

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2007 IR Gurus

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

It was a time where visual advances in games made it possible to bring comic book ideas to life in a way never thought possible. With a great movie that had been released just a few years earlier, Australian game developer, IR Gurus felt there was an opportunity to do a title on SIN CITY. Not covering the story of the movie, but events that would lead up to it.

Slope’s Game Room recently produced a brilliant video that tells the story of the development, which we highly recommend that you check out:

Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope got in touch with GTW and has very kindly passed on a mega ton of art concepts, and game design docs for the unreleased development game that was due for release by IR Gurus (later becoming Transmission Games) around 2007-2008. Daniel used a lot of the materials to help with his research and story telling in the video, and was given permission for us to put some of the materials on GTW. Continue reading

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The Eye of the Moon

2011 Mike Singleton and Chris Wild

Platforms: Apple iOS and other current platforms.

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are  adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus DLC content to share with you.

Within the book is an in-depth and detailed 12 page story about the unreleased Eye of the Moon which was planned for development on modern day platforms including Apple iOS, after the cancellation of the 8-bit title in the series. We speak to Chris Wild about plans for the game and take a look at the ideas and vision from the late and great Mike Singleton.

map scale

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Crimetown Depths

1989 Imageworks

Platform: Amiga

A very short entry for a title already covered on Amiga GTW, where you can find screenshots and a rolling demo to download – as well as a Q/A with creator Paolo Costabel.

When the game became too ambitious and was to fill three disks – it was told not to be financially viable, so the game was cancelled. Sadly little else is known at this stage about the game itself.

Grzegorz Antosiewicz got in touch recently to provide a rare screen showing the actual game itself in action from Amiga Magazine issue 5 1989:

amiga magazin 5 89

The game was to have platform/shooter elements to it, so this must have been that platformer part of the game. Hopefully something of the game itself will be found and preserved, so you can see what could have been.

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1994 Bloodhouse / Housemarque

Platform: Amiga CD32 and Amiga 1200

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up regarding a title by the creators of Super Stardust. Aggression was to be a horizontally scrolling shooter with ray traced graphics and up to 512 colours on screen at once.

There was to be full screen multilayer scrolling and very large sprites making use of every clock cycle the Amiga had to offer. The CD32 edition would have better animation and music played directly from CD.

The game just completely disappeared from sight and hasn’t been heard of since. Although a very early demo has sneaked out and is available, the later raytraced edition has yet to surface in any shape or form. Could it be found some day and how far exactly did it get?


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1999 Thalamus Interactive

Platform: Nintendo Color Game Boy

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are  adding assets and content that were shared with us during our research as bonus DLC content, and which didn’t make it to the book. Thanks to Thalamus Digital (Facebook + Twitter) for permission to include this title on the site.

Mercenary was a hugely popular 3D exploration title by the late and great Paul Woakes, which spawned a few sequels such as Damocles and Mercenary 3. Those who played the 8-bit incarnations of Mercenary in 1985 were blown away by the speed and scale of the game, and it is quite rightly rated as one of the best games ever to grace the Commodore 64.


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The Speris Legacy – Beta differences

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up about a great post on Team 17’s The Speris Legacy, showing differences between early demos and the final game.

Although it isn’t an unreleased game, we try sometimes on GTW to showcase differences between demos and final versions, showing off assets that are unused for example.

Super Adventures In Gaming has done a wonderful dissection, with buttons to press to show the differences between demos and final version. Its a great read worth checking out!

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