GTW64 September 2021 update

Another month already, and not entirely sure where the time has gone! A slightly busier update this month, as we have gone through and tidied up some of the pages and removed a load of broken links, as well as adding our usual scan additions and small updates over the past 4 weeks. Hopefully in some way this will provide a highlight of some titles you may not have seen or read about yet.

Undead to be “resurrected”!


News just in, with Undead to be put into development once more after 31 years since its cancellation. Yet another title that could escape the vaults!


2 new entries added

History Package, Tetris

109 updates added

Accilatem, Ace In The Hole, Acid House, Ala Software, Alien 8, Alien Syndrome V1, Alternate Reality – Missing parts, Appointment With Fear, Arcade Wizzard, Atic Atac, Atlantian

Barcelona 92, Benny Hill’s Madcap Chase, Bobby Bounce Back, Bobby Charlton Soccer, Breakthru V1, Bugs Bunny

California Games 2, Castle Fear, Championship Golf at Pebbles Beach, Charlie Chaplin, Chicago, Chimera 2, Cookie, Cosmic Jailbreak, Crackdown V1

DDT: Dynamic Debugger, Daffy Duck, Deadly Summer, Devils Of The Deep, Dork’s Dilemma, Double Dragon V1, Dropzone 2, Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists “‘n Everythin’

Evil King, Fall Guy V1, Fast ‘n Furious, Fight Night V1, Flame Island, Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness, Fungus 2

Gauntlet 3, Gem-X 2, Hagar The Horrible, Hard Fire, Heroquest V1, House of Changes, Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers, Inca, Iron Hand, Ironclad Bastards, Italian Night 99

Jack O’ Roses games, Jungle Book, Knightlore, Leopard Lord, Life, Lunar Jetman, Magic Sword, Mega Twins, Miami Vice, Minder, Monster Business, Mr Fixit, Murder!, Mythos, New Zealand Story V1

Outrun Europe, Peter Pan, Picnic Adventure, Putty, Quazatron, Rainbow, Reader’s Digest Software, Renegade V1, Rhyme Land, Rolling Thunder GS, Ronin

Scarabaeus 2, Skweek, Street Fighter 2 V1, Sword Of The Samurai, Sylvester & Tweetypie

Tears Of Rage, Telecommando, Terror From The Deep, The Bubbler, The Final Matrix, The Godfather, The Roundsby Incident, The Swamp, The Sweeney, Throne Of Fire, Thunder Ball, Thunder Hawk, Tiger Road 2, Transforming Overland Robot

Unnamed Game, Unnamed helecopter game, Victory Road (UK version), Who Dares Wins, Willow, Wonderball, World Cup Carnival V1, Worms, Yogi’s Big Clean Up, Zolo, Zrenite

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