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Mario Run

19?? Unknown

Mario Run thumbnail

Mario Run is a neat early runner game, where you have to just collect coins and get to the end of the level controlling the famous red plumber. It’s fully playable at this stage, with some nice graphics and Super … Continue reading


199? Unknown

Massacre thumbnail

I’ve seen some funny sick games on the C64, the recent releases of Blood 1 and 2 are two of them. Massacre was another game attempting to push the boundaries of sickness. Simply you have a target, and you are … Continue reading

Math Farm

1984 Nanosec

Math Farm thumbnail

Thanks to Peter Weighill for the heads up for our next title. Math Farm is a US based educational game which was described in its Nanosec advert (and this second advert) as follows: "This exciting educational game features vivid, colourful … Continue reading


199? Double Density

Matrix thumbnail

Ah nooooo…. not another puzzler!… The 10,000th puzzler i’ve had to go through for GTW, i’m sure! It’s also another game that came with no instructions, so i’m not sure what you have to do. After some fiddling around with … Continue reading