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Final Lap

1989 Domark

A short entry, where Namco/Atari’s Final Lap was to be converted to the C64 and other 8-bit and 16-bit platforms according to PowerPlay magazine from December 1988. The conversion was listed alongside news of conversions of Xybots, Vindicator – which … Continue reading


199? Unknown

Findit thumbnail

Another unfinished puzzler with some graphics ripped from Hammerfist. I’m not quite sure what is going on here, but as the title seems to suggest, its possibly where you have to find parts of the picture and reconstruct it. Most … Continue reading

Fine Tin

1989 Unknown

Fine Tin thumbnail

If it’s not puzzlers, its sideway SEU’s… this time another one from 1989. Fine Tin is currently not so fine yet, with little to do in this early preview. Apart from some scrolling brown turd like mountains and a few … Continue reading


1991 Soundware

Flippit thumbnail

A curious little puzzler promoted in its review from Zzap 64. Flippit had you turning squares one at a time in order to reproduce a given pattern. Of course, life wasn’t that simple, as each square you turned also affected … Continue reading