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1984 Peaksoft

Also known as: The Boss

A short entry for what could have been actually released, but under a different name. Champions was a football management game that was advertised by Peaksoft in 1984. However the C64 edition of the game never made it out, only … Continue reading

Championship Golf

1989 D&H

This game has actually been released on the CULT label and can be downloaded at … http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=17406 Please get in touch if you are the person who submitted the info. Case closed, and soon to be removed in the future.

Chart Breaker

199? Unknown

Bomico was a German software distributor, mainly for computer games. They had their own development department, later on turned into another company called Sunflowers. Sunflowers prospered considerably, releasing bestsellers like 1402 later on. One of their Amiga and PC developments … Continue reading


1986 Activision

Mentioned in issue June 1986 of Commodore User, this was a game mentioned as coming soon along with 3 Days in Carpathia. It was described as a Mafia scenario featuring Rats Maldano and the Morona Brothers and would have been … Continue reading