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Xcel (GTW64 highlight)

A highlighted review from the archives

1985 Activision

Initially released on the Spectrum by Activision, before being re-released by Mastertronic, Xcel is described by Sinclair User as Star Trek, Space Invaders and Centipede rolled into one. Sadly the game is denied so not available for download on World of Spectrum, so I have no idea how it plays but it did garner average to good reviews upon its release and seems to have fallen into the worth a look on the budget release category. Continue reading

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Sixers (GTW64 highlight)

A highlighted review from the archives

198? OIC Ltd

Life on Planet Srexis is threatened! so starts the blurb describing the OIC Ltd game Sixers. The game is a grid based puzzle game but little more is known, simply because it is not known if the game was ever released, on any platform.

OIC Ltd seemed to have primarily released games on the BBC Electron and Micro, but today the games are ridiculously hard to track down and BBC collectors are still finding OIC games for their collection even now. On the BBC site there isnt even an entry for Sixers. As such any hope of finding games on the 8-bit platforms seems even more remote, despite Sixers being planned for release on the C64 and the Spectrum. Continue reading

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Marine Attack (GTW64 highlight)

A highlighted review from the archives

1988 CDS Software

Made by the same company who made Tank Attack, Marine Attack was to be released by CDS Software sometime around the late eighties. There is no real information on this game, merely a reference to its existence in a statement by CDS about Tank Attack and in the Zzap! magazine review of Tank Attack. Continue reading

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Mantronix (GTW64 highlight)

A highlighted review from the archives

1986 Probe Software

Mantronix was due to appear on the C64, along with a release on the CPC, in 1986, sometime after it was first released by Probe Software on the ZX Spectrum. Like so many Spectrum games it failed to ever get released and today our only evidence of its existence is from an advert stating it was forthcoming on the other 8-bit systems. Continue reading

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Black Shadow (GTW64 highlight)

Black Shadow C64 Games That Werent

CRL 1988

Addition by Alex Ross: Sadly it seems there was no conversion whatsoever for the C64 on Black Shadow. CRL head honcho, Clem Chambers wrote to us to explain that although the magazine did indeed say a C64 port was being made, this was often said to magazines in the gap between production of the original and it’s release, giving the company time to find someone to actually do a port.

So not only does it look like Black Shadow was never made in any form on the C64, but it seems many other games we have down as GTW’s, will have only existed as a potential game and no work would ever have been done on them. However, we’ll keep looking until we have a definitive answer, believe it or not we actually find this sort of thing fun.

Creator Speaks: Clem Chambers –

There was no C64 version. Often versions were said to be in production when they werent and you would be looking for a coder to do the port and you would never find them or they failed in the attempt. The lead time between interview and press publication is sufficiently long to port a game so often statements were speculative.

I dont remember ever seeing anything on the C64 for Black Shadow, Id even forgotten the title on the Amiga.

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Force of the Vulcan (GTW64 highlight)

Force of the Vulcan GTW64 review

Alex Ross

Kele Line Games


Kele Line games were a Danish games company, who now are probably most famous for their excellent title, The Vikings. They only released two other games, Tiger Mission and Zyrons Escape, before disappearing into the forgotten mists of C64 nostalgia.

However, they did have another four games slated for release, one of which was Force of the Vulcan. Nothing is known about this game other than its brief mention in issue 2 of Computer Action. It was due to be released in late 1987, the same year as The Vikings and Tiger Mission, but the company went bankrupt towards the end of the year.

Whether this game was due to be a licensed Star Trek game is unknown, though if that was the case then it is likely that there would be more information about the game available. As it is we can presume it would be a sci-fi game, as the reference to Vulcan would suggest (unless its a game about vulcanised rubber).

Its a shame Kele Line didnt manage to make it in the games industry, The Vikings, Kele Lines best received game, was written by Soren Gronbech, who would later go on to program for the Amiga with Sword of Soden possibly being his most famous game.

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