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GTW64 second update of the year

Wow, time has gone quick already!   And so another GTW64 update for 2015 which includes:

6 new entries added

ALA, Black Gold 2, Bounce’n, Droid Alert, Grapevine, Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers

27 updates added

Behemoth, Bible Baseball, Boxing Champion, Bushido Warrior, C64GS cartridge titles, Candyman, Charlie Chaplin, Crossfire Canyon, Gi Hero, Italian Night 99, Jimmy’s Grandprix, Mag Max V1, Mars Cops, Nighthunter, Pool Game, Populous, Programming Paintset, Shellshock, Shove Off, Snare V1, Soccer Game, Soldier One, Star Scaper, Super Wonderdog, T-Runner, Under The Ground, Unknown Educational game

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Updates on Konix Last Ninja 2 recovery

Well, the news continues to get better – with confirmation from Mark Campbell that all the Last Ninja 2 disks were fully recovered – with the complete code, art and music recovered in all.

Not only that, but a massive bonus has been the discovery that some of the disks also contained some long lost demos which were originally seen in the Konix videos.

This includes the infamous 3D cube demo and also the Big heads game – Head Invaders.  Hopefully we’ll see some videos of these soon.

There is more, with another Konix game on the cards – more soon on this as and when we have the go ahead to mention it :)

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Last Ninja 2 – Konix edition recovery update

An amazing update on the recent discovery of the Last Ninja 2 disks for the Konix Multi-system.  One disk has been read so far, and the results have been very positive – with the game being now emulated and running!

And here is the video of it up and running!

We guess that more work will also occur on getting the rest of the disks preserved and everything emulated in as close as to a final state as possible.  The video means hearing some previously unheard Dave Lowe tunes for the first time in over 20 years.

Exciting times!  More soon as we hear it!

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Populous (c64) recovered and released + more!

A second update of the year and our first real big recovery so far!

Populous C64 conversion attempt recovered and released!



3 new entries added

Blue Sun, Telmar’s Gold, Wendellwood Estates

10 updates added

All Terrain Gardener, Arcade Classics 2, Bushido Warrior, Escape From Mars, Hope To Hopp 2, Hydrogenese, Rebelstar, Rebelstar 2, The SuperCan, Your Computer Software Exchange

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Last Ninja 2 found!

Some amazing news through today from Mark Campbell (who runs the fantastic Konix Multisystem site), that a copy of Last Ninja 2 on the Konix Multisystem has been found by an ex-developer at Attention to Detail, Jon Steele.

It is still very much early days, and the disks are still to be checked and read.  The condition looks good though, so it is hopeful that they are still readable after all this time.  They are believed to be a mixture of PC format and Konix formatted disks – and efforts are now underway to preserve them.  The game itself was pretty much close to completion (if not actually complete).

If all goes to plan, the guys are hoping to get some videos showing the game actually running to see how it compares to the released versions.  Dave Lowe is believed to be responsible for the audio, so there could be some previously unheard Dave Lowe tunes too.

We hope to have more for you soon!

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