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Chain Reaction

1983 Anik

Advertised in many magazines, this was a title being sold by Anik Microsystems… however only two Anik games exist and seem to have been released on the C64. The advert describes the game as follows: "Control the atomic reaction in … Continue reading


1984 Peaksoft

Also known as: The Boss

A short entry for what could have been actually released, but under a different name. Champions was a football management game that was advertised by Peaksoft in 1984. However the C64 edition of the game never made it out, only … Continue reading

Championship Golf

1989 D&H

This game has actually been released on the CULT label and can be downloaded at … http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=17406 Please get in touch if you are the person who submitted the info. Case closed, and soon to be removed in the future.