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1985 DK Tronics

A quick entry to cover part of a series of games which DK’Tronics were looking to release in late 1984, early 1985. A news item in the December 1984 edition of Personal Computer Games suggested that following on from a … Continue reading

Raw Head

19?? Unknown

Raw Head thumbnail

Not sure how to take this one… Our friend from Hawkeye has been turned into a woman, and renamed "Rawhead" with our next preview. "Rawhead" is heavily based on Hawkeye, with a new map and a woman’s face at the … Continue reading


199? Unknown

Raz thumbnail

A very early and incomplete game, which sadly isn’t too playable in its current state. The game consists of a single map, with all the map graphics for some reason printed at the foot of the game. Within the game … Continue reading


1987 Firebird

Jullian Gollup’s classic budget tactical combat was very well recieved. The budget game was an improved re-release of Rebelstar Raiders and pleased pretty much everyone at the time. It was pretty much Spectrum/Amstrad only and C64 users sadly didn’t get … Continue reading