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199? Ragon Software

Neiw thumbnail

A platform game, where you are given the chance of actually creating you own levels. Good, but unfortunately the game itself lacks a lot of thing to make it that playable. Apart from some simple graphics, a simple main character … Continue reading

New Clowns

199? Unknown

A game brought to GTW’s attention by contributor Zeldin. Zeldin had coded a very early (but playable) demo version of a game called “New Clowns”. This was to have been a polished version of the old classic “Clowns” arcade game … Continue reading


1990 Titus

Yet another Titus title which was mentioned in a schedule list from 1990 for the C64 on Tape and Disk. Strangely the game never surfaced on any platform and doesn’t seem to have got past the schedule list. Just what … Continue reading