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The Ball

199? Lepsi

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A simple maze game from Lepsi I think. Quite simplistic, with simplistic gameplay and graphics. There doesn’t seem to be too much to actually do apart from run around the maze and collect the crystals. The Ball tries to take … Continue reading

The Bandage

199? Megastyle

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The Bandage was a Quill based adventure game which was written by Ruben Spaans in his early days. Ruben sheds more light on the game here (talking about the collection of adventure games he created): "Just saw "The Bandage" in … Continue reading

The Champ

1993 Beyond Belief

Mentioned in Commodore Format’s early warning scanner, no doubt this was to be a Boxing game most likely. However, Beyond Belief had already released Devastating Blow (http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=2147&d=18&h=0), so was this to be a more management styled boxing game instead? We … Continue reading

The Cross

199? Unknown

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The Cross is another puzzle game for your C64, which i’m not sure exactly has to be done to complete levels, but it seems like your every day C64 puzzle game. Fairly simple graphics and reused sounds, it seems like … Continue reading