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199? Cascade

Starblast thumbnail

A game which was to be a mixture between "Elite", "Ultima", "Pirates" and "Space Rogue". When Mr Lee lost a bit his inspiration he also started coding on a game, what he described as a ‘little game’. This was "Colonial … Continue reading


1994 Visualize

Starburst thumbnail

Yet another game in the games explosion, this time a 90’s Space Invaders clone. Being created by some talented German coders, this game promised huge gurdians, new look sprites and tons of power-ups. Very much similar to ‘Mega Starforce’ in … Continue reading


1997 Unknown

Stoned thumbnail

Stoned isn’t a game about drugs, but a puzzler which seems to be based on Columns. It’s again from that era when puzzlers were everywhere, but this one in particular was looking pretty polished. It isn’t 100% playable at this … Continue reading