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Your Computer Software Exchange

1986 Business Press Int

Your Computer Software Exchange thumbnail

Another compilation of games (Like with the CDU based games) which seem to be missing, and many we believe could well be GTW’s. These were advertised in Your Computer back in 1986 as part of their software exchange… There are … Continue reading

Zak McKracken 2

1989 Zzap Italia

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Also known as: Zak McKracken 2 - The Mindbenders Are Back

Before you say it – yes, this was an April Fools and not a real game. However, we have of course featured Mindsmear in the past, so it is only right that we feature Zzap Italia’s 1989 April Fools. The … Continue reading


1988 Jon Wells

Zen was to be the birth of many a SEUCK enhancement for Jon Wells. Created back in 1988, Zen was a space shooter which Jon created and started to enhance using various tricks and learn about how SEUCK worked as … Continue reading