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Sub Hunt

1982 Commodore

A short entry for a Commodore MAX title that was proposed, but never finished and released. Sub Hunt would have you piloting your helicopter in a fast-paced search and destroy mission. You know the subs are down there, but where? … Continue reading

Super Elite

1988 Starvision

Thanks for the heads up from Jazzcat – Super Elite was a game that was mentioned in Danish Magazine IC RUN Nov/Dec 1988. It was briefly mentioned as being developed, from a newsletter from Starvision’s owner Ivan Sølvason. Sadly there … Continue reading

Super Mario Bros

1986 Orpheus

No, this isn’t another Giana Sisters, this was the real thing.. Orpheus were planning to convert the loveable plumber to our C64 screens. Orpheus are greatly remembered for Electrosound, but after seeing their game attempt, ‘The Young Ones’, Mario on … Continue reading