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1984 Wicosoft

Q-Castle thumbnail

Q-Castle is an old C64 game which was mentioned in an old magazine, along with a screenshot (Though we assume this, as the game details comes from the entry currently in Gamebase 64). From the looks of things, this would … Continue reading


1985 SECS

QA! thumbnail

“A thrilling new adventure” proclaims the advert for QA! This text adventure was made available to the public at a very cheap price of £2.99, where you must go on a daring expedition to find the Mask of QA, the … Continue reading


1985 Bubble Bus

Also known as: Word Wizard, Label Printer, Poster Printer, Advertiser

A very quick entry for a pack of games/utilities from Bubble Bus which don’t seem to have yet been preserved. Were they even released? Word Wizard is confirmed to be just a word processing package, thanks to MarkTheMorose. Now confirmed … Continue reading