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1984 Ubik

Also known as: Paranoid Pete 2

An early educational game aimed at young kids. Razzmatazz featured a sickly cute strawberry on legs and was surprisingly done by none-other than Rob Hubbard during his early C64 days, before music became his main source of income – where … Continue reading


1987 Firebird

Jullian Gollup’s classic budget tactical combat was very well recieved. The budget game was an improved re-release of Rebelstar Raiders and pleased pretty much everyone at the time. It was pretty much Spectrum/Amstrad only and C64 users sadly didn’t get … Continue reading

Red Scorpion

1987 Quicksilva

Red Scorpion was a rather poor Spectrum (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0004076) and Amstrad 3D game that got fairly slated in the press. It was published by Quicksilva and is basically a souped up Battlezone clone, but lacking the soup. The game adverts mentioned … Continue reading