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19?? Unknown

Briefly mentioned in Aktueller Software Markt (05/1986), it was stated that Quazatron (the Spectrum version of Paradroid), was to be released also on the Amstrad and CPC.  Mostly as it was practically a different game! One issue later however, the … Continue reading

Quest For Atlantis

1998 Iyama Software

Quest For Atlantis thumbnail

Unlike we previously thought, this game was actuallyreleased on the german disk magazine "Input 64" in the year 1986 as "Die versunkene Stadt" (sunken city). Gamebase64 has the game here: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=8381&d=18&h=0 This entry as a result will be removed in … Continue reading

Quiz Quest

1985 Alligata

Quiz Quest – "The computer game with all the right questions – Can you supply the right answers?" is the banner within the advert campaign of this other lost game, this time another Alligata Software title. The game was a … Continue reading