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1984 Slogger

Aviatak was brought to my attention by a C64 scener on the forum, who kindly submitted the scan of the game in question. Publicised with a full page advert back in a Dec 1984 issue of Personal Computer Gamer, Aviatak … Continue reading

Avoid Em

199? D-Lite

Avoid Em thumbnail

Another game by the D-Lite label, and another one unfinished. This game, like the others, has little to offer in its preview, apart from a half decent backdrop and sprites. You cannot shoot or die, and sprites just fall at … Continue reading


199? Unknown

Axeman thumbnail

Axeman is a title which we currently know very little about. All we have is a single screenshot which we have had in a folder for many years. We’re hoping that the screenshot may jog some memories about the game … Continue reading