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1986 Brøderbund

A quick entry for a title which was to be an Electronic Novel for Broderbund and Synapse.  Where most of the planned titles were released and coded by Joe Viera (http://www.gamebase64.com/search.php?a=5&f=1&id=1963&d=18&h=0), the rest of them for some reason never quite … Continue reading

Rugby World Cup 2

1992 Domark

Possibly one not to get too excited about, but this entry has come about due to a letter which was sent in from Claire Edgeley from Domark about the original game. The original game missed out rucks and mauls, but … Continue reading


198? Unknown

Runestone thumbnail

Take a bit of Platoon level 1 style action, and take the sprites from Software Project’s "Hysteria", and you get "Runestone". This is another early game from the brains of Colditz and Fuzzball, Miles Barry. The game features sprites were … Continue reading


1988 Cinemaware

S.D.I thumbnail

Following successful conversions of Defender Of The Crown and Rocket Ranger, Cinemaware were also due to release a conversion of S.D.I game for the C64. The game was advertised in some of the popular computer magazines of the time, and … Continue reading