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1988 Firebird

Radax thumbnail

Some of you may have seen this game released on another label in Europe in the early 90’s, but what you don’t know is that this game infact was due for release on the Firebird label around 1988/89. Sadly, the … Continue reading


1985 DK Tronics

A quick entry to cover part of a series of games which DK’Tronics were looking to release in late 1984, early 1985. A news item in the December 1984 edition of Personal Computer Games suggested that following on from a … Continue reading

Rainbow Bomb

198? Unknown

Rainbow Bomb thumbnail

A very colourful single screen platform game. “Rainbow Bomb” certainly lives up to its name. Apart from the annoying colour scroll as you move, the game seems to be fairly playable at its current stage, though some jumps are hard … Continue reading