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Rainbow Bomb

198? Unknown

Rainbow Bomb thumbnail

A very colourful single screen platform game. “Rainbow Bomb” certainly lives up to its name. Apart from the annoying colour scroll as you move, the game seems to be fairly playable at its current stage, though some jumps are hard … Continue reading

Raw Head

19?? Unknown

Raw Head thumbnail

Not sure how to take this one… Our friend from Hawkeye has been turned into a woman, and renamed "Rawhead" with our next preview. "Rawhead" is heavily based on Hawkeye, with a new map and a woman’s face at the … Continue reading


199? Unknown

Raz thumbnail

A very early and incomplete game, which sadly isn’t too playable in its current state. The game consists of a single map, with all the map graphics for some reason printed at the foot of the game. Within the game … Continue reading


1984 Ubik

Also known as: Paranoid Pete 2

An early educational game aimed at young kids. Razzmatazz featured a sickly cute strawberry on legs and was surprisingly done by none-other than Rob Hubbard during his early C64 days, before music became his main source of income – where … Continue reading